How It Works

How It Works

Here are a few questions that we get asked the most.  Please take a minute and read through them carefully. Chances are your question is probably addressed somewhere below.

Are the Bulldog puppies featured each day on YDB available to be adopted?

Yes.  All of the puppies that you see on our site are looking to begin their new lives in a loving  “forever home”.

Where do the puppies that are featured on YDB come from?

We don’t personally raise any of the puppies on our site.  They are all raised in family environments by reputable breeders in our area.  Our role in all of this is to help these puppies find the best homes possible.  We take all of the pictures  you see on this site.   And we deal with all of the “human stuff”, so the families that raise the puppies can focus more of their time on properly pampering the Bulldog babies.

If I adopt a puppy, when and where can I pick it up?

We are located in Pell City, AL 35125, which is about 35 miles east of Birmingham, AL and about 110 miles west of Atlanta, GA.
We really prefer for all of our babies that are adopted each week to be picked up in person.  But if you are unable to pick up in person, we are able to fly your puppy into any airport that is served by United Airlines.  The shipping cost is $350 and this includes the airfare charges, shipping kennel and USDA health certificate.

Is there a warranty on the puppies on YDB?

As mentioned above, we do not raise the puppies that are featured each day on Your Daily Bulldog.  However, one of the things that we require from the families whose puppies we feature on our site is that they offer a warranty on the puppies that we showcase here.  A written copy of that warranty is issued at the time of purchase and posted online here.  The puppies are warrantied pertaining to any life-threatening genetic condition. Please review the details of our warranty terms prior to reservation.  Click HERE to review the terms of our warranty PRIOR to purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept and when is it due?

Our preferred method of payment is through PayPal.  PayPal is becoming the most widely accepted method of purchasing online.  It is safe for the buyer because it comes with safeguards against fraud and scams.  If you do not have a Paypal account, we can still invoice you through Paypal and you can also pay through Visa, MC or American Express.